Child Support Evasion

How Texas Tackles Child Support Evaders in Dallas

The consequences of not paying child support are severe and can include hefty fines and possible jail time. The Office of the Attorney General in Texas has implemented a program to publicly recognize child support evaders. It is best to seek a child support attorney if you are not receiving payments owed to you by your ex-spouse.

The Child Support Evader initiative displays photos and profiles in public and private locations of those found to be in arrears with their child support payments. Relying on the community to provide tips to locate the offenders, the program has been successful in tracking down parents who wilfully refuse to pay child support.

In order to be listed as a Child Support Evader under the program several conditions must be met, including:

  • $5000 minimum in child support owed;
  • an arrest warrant has already been issued;
  • the whereabouts of the child support evader is unknown;
  • there have been no child support payments rendered in 6 months;
  • the parent in arrears is not undergoing bankruptcy or receiving welfare; and
  • the custodial parent signs a waiver permitting specific information to be addressed publicly.

A Child Support Attorney Will Fight for Your Rights

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