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Divorce attorney Gary Warren reveals what you really need to know before filing for divorce in Texas.

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Gary Ray Warren, Esq.

Gary Warren represents families with divorce and child custody issues and considers it his priority to address the concerns that keep them up at night. For families with children, he understands child support payment and visitation worries rank high, and for most spouses involved in divorce, he knows stress and emotions can make daily job performance and tasks a challenge.

Gary wrote Untying The Knot: What You Need To Know Before You File For Divorce In Texas to answer some of the most common questions on divorce, child custody, and the divorce process.

When Gary is not practicing divorce and child custody case law, he enjoys reading about American history and politics. An avid sports fan, Gary regularly roots for his hometown teams, the Texas Rangers, Dallas Stars, Mavericks and Cowboys. He and his wife, Gary’s high school sweetheart of 26 years, love spending time with their son and teach Sunday school together each week.

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